Street Photography Workshops in Prague

€ 950,00

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All day teaching with street photographer Pavel Dufek in his home town in Prague. We will visit very interesting places and also unusual places where some famous photos were taken. Enjoy the whole day with the technique of taking pictures on the street, how to find your style and how to present yourself on social networks.

Pavel Dufek offers One to One Workshops in Prague. It’s all-day street photography at Pavel’s favorite places, discussing his approach and style, and how you can use these skills for your own photos. You will learn about his knowledge of street photography, documentary photography, commercial photography and how to present his work.

The workshop can be customized to your requirements. Do not hesitate to write your question to Pavel via the contact page. When do you want One to One Workshop, what are your requirements or conditions and what are your goals and what you want to improve. We can make a phone call or communicate via email or some messenger.

If you do not know and you want to get a general One to One Workshop, Paul prepares a varied route for street photography by his experience in Prague and you will be working on these things:

  • Using light
  • Camera technique
  • The meaning of your photographic work
  • Creating your own photographic voice
  • Creating impact in your work
  • Approaching strangers and street photography etiquette
  • How to start exhibiting and where
  • How to edit photos – Lightroom // CaptureOne // etc.
People walking in Prague and i make this photographs


How long is a workshop?

The meeting place with Pavel is in Prague at 10:00. Getting to know the route and taking pictures takes 10:30 with a cup of coffee. We end at 18:00. There is a 45-minute break for lunch.

What experiences do I need to participate in One to One Workshop?

Photographers of all levels of experience are welcome.

What cameras can I take for the workshop?

Paul supports the use of all types of devices. You can take pictures with your mobile phone, film camera, SLR camera or SLR camera. Each has the potential to make a great picture.

Can I buy a workshop as a gift?

Yes, but please contact Paul and give him the name of the recipient.

Is the workshop canceled in bad weather?

It is not. Pavel has prepared one photo route for good weather and another in case of rain.

I’m under 18. Can I book a place at One to One Workshop?

You can, but you must be accompanied by an adult throughout the workshop. If this adult wants to attend a workshop, they will have to buy a seat.

Can I take a friend with me?

Only paying participants can participate.

How physically demanding the workshop is?

Pavel usually walks around 10 km during the whole day of the workshop. You will walk around the city, no jogging.

Is lunch included?

Yes. There are plenty of diverse places for lunch in Prague. Talk to Pavel about your preference.