Realistic Street Photography in Prague // Sneak-Peek January 2020

Fireworks 2020 Pavel Dufek Photograph
Street for Art Prague Opatov Realistic Moment
Model on Narodni Trida Prague Street Realistic Photograph
Grandma on Narodni Trida Prague
Cerna Labut Prague
Man on Metro Stair
Couple near of Old Town Square Prauge, Street Photograph
Man on Opatov Prague
woman and block of flats, street photography Opatov
Girl with Trdlo, Prague, Frantiskanska garden
Old man shadow or reality?
Family in a bus
Man in Prague metro

This set of realistic street photos was taken in Prague.

This is, of course, a fragment of my January street photo. I found new places that seem interesting and help my minimalist style.

Prague is a wonderful place. Everything is close together. Lots of beautiful nooks and alleys.
I often wonder how to photograph here. Somewhere I see interesting photos from New York, San Francisco, London, etc. And I think, there must be so good to take pictures.
Or is it just a lack of modern architecture in Prague?
Rather, I wonder that it’s a problem in me, that I don’t have realistic expectations? That I can not make do with a place that may not be on the photographic scene as sophisticated as the mentioned New York.

But in retrospect, I realize that this is my subjective feeling. It’s not even my opinion, it’s really a feeling.
It is clear that somewhere to be a day or a month is not always enough to know a place for street photography.
At the same time, I wonder if I do not unnecessarily bother with such a thought myself. I want very much to have a lot of something in a hurry with the result. Taking pictures some day in a place I don’t know at all can give me courage and freedom. When I focus on street photography to the fullest, without expecting a concrete result. Of course, maintaining a professional approach and honest work.

It’s just my reflection on street photography as such.

The file published here is the result of realistic moments. Nothing arranged.

I processed the photos only in Adobe Lightroom by converting it to black and white photo.

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Pavel Dufek is a Czech photographer, specializing in fine art photography, street photography and documentary photography.

Pavel Dufek je český fotograf, specializující se na výtvarnou fotografii, street fotografii a dokumentární fotografii.