Nikon Z7, NIKON Z 35 mm f/1,8 S, Nikon FTZ

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Yesterday afternoon i had Nikon Z7 in my hand. With Nikon 35mm f1.8 S, FTZ adapter and Nikon 58mm f1.4 G. I loved 58mm on my Nikon 2 years ago.

I was expecting some new features. Sorry Nikon.┬áZ7 isn’t small, have’t bigger grip how Sony camera for my hands.

Now I’m looking for how open raw files. Ok, Nikon Capture NX-D. Slowly. Too. I’ve jpeg files also.

I don’t know, but automatic white balance in that crazy lighting not work how I expected.

I like Nikon, really ­čÖé But my feeling of Z7 can not even describe, I do not know what to think.┬á
Works good, mayby an firmware update we can get new features. But I was looking forward to some wow. Nothing.

The feeling i had from Leica M and SL camera.

You can download Nikon Z7 RAW NEF sample files and also JPG sample files.
Shooting with new Nikon 35mm and 58 mm.
Allowed only for personal use.

This article is only about my feeling. For you Nikon Z7 can by the best camera at the word. FTZ adapter is good, allowed use many Nikon lenses with good autofocus functionality. Go to test jpg and raw files and Nikon Z7 in your hand.
Feel free to write me your opinion.

And have a nice day! Pavel

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