Minnie – Old Town Square Prague

Minnie – Old Town Square Prague – What Happened?

I overcome my fear and trying to photograph street.
Why? I like the photo on the Leica blog. Timeless. I want to have wedding photos like that. Timeless. 

Only inspired by the wedding photographer is a little copy. Of course I’m in touch with a couple of carefully selected world wedding photographers. Even some of Czechia. :-))
But I still feel the need for a photographer to do something extra. Come up with a new look. Different.

That’s why I became interested in street photography. The inexorable passage of time, which lets forget the incredible moments of life. This is my school! Inspiration in real moments of life and use of the environment for a new look.

Sometimes these moments can catch, sometimes they do not. Sometimes you need to be patient and wait. Just like these photos Minnie – Old Town Square Prague. Even with a fictitious wedding. It was a few coins for Minnie.

I still add a street photo to a private Facebook profile. And some of them I shared on my Fb site. I’m preparing a pdf book and I will put some photos in the next blog post. I’ll try to add more before the publication of wedding photos.

I hope it fits in my documentary style wedding photos. 

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I’ll be happy to share my site and recommendations.

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