It was with some difficulty getting there:

Leica Akademie Prague meeting at FotoŠkoda.

I had to be there Why? The experience of the trainer. Thank you a lot!

I thought a lot about Leica SL.

It’s incredible Leica and the viewfinder! But then I tried the M10. What kind of Leica did I photograph most of the time? Yes, the M10!

Without my reading glasses, no dioptric correction. I ca’nt believe it!

On my Sony I use AF from 95%. I’m not used a Rangefinder before.

What a surprise when I brought the photos to the studio and develop it in Lightroom!


I thought Leica SL would be the right one for me. I just wanted to try the M10.

Things have changed.

For my street, documentary and wedding photo and enough for the portrait photography in my hands, head and heart remained Leica M10.

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