What if I like someone’s photo? And the photographer is successful? Again, is it best to be yourself?

You can try to be the best. Most sharp photos. Best colors. Best contrast. The best micro-contrast. The best of the best. You’re going crazy at best. Nothing miraculous happens.

Only it will be boring.

I know it. I experienced you. The comparison with other photographers is just a hell you don’t want. It takes all the energy and enthusiasm. It doesn’t interest any of your friends. It’s just in your head.

Then there is no longer the strength and the desire to try something new. Create something. You’re just drowning in comparing something that others don’t see anyway.

You’ll just be a copy. And you certainly don’t want that.

Even if you like someone’s photo, his style and you want his success… so copying doesn’t work.

Being yourself as a photographer is the best. It is also the simplest.

You’re not dealing with others at all. You are not bound by the abilities or incompetences of others. You can create something new that is still hidden from others.

You create a great photo for 1/160 sec. + 10 years work before that.

Maybe earlier. It’s in your hands, your head.

Are you scared?

I was scared and sometimes I’m afraid. But that’s just my laziness. A distorted illusions.

You can’t stay in that state. It will destroy you. You feel like a salesman at the checkout – beep – beep – be…

The photographer’s journey never ends. Certainly not for me.

But the point is to be yourself. Find your own style and custom theme.

The truth is, it doesn’t go from day to day. It takes a few failures.

It’s best to be yourself? Yes it is.

Why? It gives everyone the freedom and opportunity to create an original work.

Who will benefit from it? Just a few courageous.

It’s my view of my work as photographer. It includes my years of experience, which is constantly evolving.

Pavel Dufek is a Czech photographer, specializing in fine art photography, street photography and documentary photography.

Pavel Dufek je český fotograf, specializující se na výtvarnou fotografii, street fotografii a dokumentární fotografii.