My Personal Project Gates Doors Prague 21 / Újezd nad Lesy

I crossed streets between September 2019 and January 2020 with my Sony Alpha and Zeiss 35mm lens.
A little time before, I was just looking for something interesting that would make sense to photograph and have a meaningful value about where I was born and where I live.

It’s sad, it was not easy. I was a little desperate.

Prague 21 / Újezd nad Lesy is a place with a complicated history.

In the end, I thought I’d do it quite simply and record what we meet every day through my camera view. Sometimes it is necessary to abandon the search for complexities that ultimately no one would understand. This has proved to be the way to the result I present here.

We meet different doors and gates every day. We take them as part of our lives, our protection, and sometimes the problem of finding the right key.

Pavel Dufek is a Czech photographer, specializing in fine art photography, street photography and documentary photography.

Pavel Dufek je český fotograf, specializující se na výtvarnou fotografii, street fotografii a dokumentární fotografii.