Everyday Street Photography

It’s my personal project. Such an attempt, a little without a specific focus. Everyday Street Photography no. 30 (the last week)

I decided to pick up the ass and without complicated planning to go out and shoot what impresses me personally and what I like.

I spent editing photos within 2 minutes / one photo.

I was wondering if I should show all those photos here or make just one photo a day. Won more photos.

I find it a shame not to show a bit of background processes that street photography. Social networks and many times we see a perfect picture that is hard to believe that they are not arranging.
If I want to show the reality of my work, I have not to be afraid to show a little more and personally risk not liking it.

Enjoy the photos and if you want to tell me anything about them, I will be very happy. //contact. Pavel Dufek

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