Pavel Dufek – born in February 1972 in Prague, where he lives.

He likes people, not things.

He is not like the center of attention, he likes watching and capturing what is happening in his photos.

“Beautiful things don’t ask for attention” from one film is very close to him. // The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

He photographs the documentary style and is dedicated to Street photography.

He has been taking pictures for over 10 years.

He attended courses, workshops and workshops on portrait, studio, and modeling photography. In the Czech Republic and abroad. And he keeps track of current trends in the industry and is in touch with Czech and foreign colleagues.

He does not like to talk about cameras and lenses, and all the technical innovations.

The photograph is taken digitally but also for a classic film. Photos can also be found on his Instagram.

The first photo exhibition was in 2009.

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